Beginning October 3rd, 2016 the recycling will be picked up by wards rather than routes. This change was made to improve the efficiency of the recycling program. We have the streets grouped by wards listed below with their new pickup dates through Jan 2017.

Ward 1 on Monday – Ward 2 on Tuesday – Ward 3 on Wednesday – Ward 4 on Thursday

If there is a holiday, service will be adjusted by 1 day. (This is the current policy.)


Ward 1: Oct.: 3, 17, 31;Nov.: 14, 28; Dec. 12, 27;Jan.: 9, 23

Ravenna City Streets:  Beech St., Diamond St., Scranton St., Jones Ave., Oakwood St., Cleveland Rd., Mechanic Ave., Highland Ave., Central Ave., Brush Rd., Lousie Rd., Park Ave., Hillcrest St., Sycamore St., Chestnut St., Springield Ave., Orchard St., Beecher Ave., Day St., Price St., Lincoln Ave., North Ave., Third Ave., Baldwin St., Eagle St., Enterprise Pkwy., Terrill Suites Apartments, Vine St., Pittsburg St., Garden St., Garden Ct., Garden Ct., Avon Ct., Gill St., Franklin St., Phelps St., Fourth St., Oakwood Manor Apartments., Williams Ave., Morgan St., Sample Ave., Second Ave., Cherry Way, Locust Ln., Meridian St., Park Way, Cedar Ave., Poplar Ln., and Loomis Pkwy.

Ravenna Township Streets: Brady Lake Rd., Genevieve, Lovers Lane, Lake Rockwell (W. of 44),Marchinn, Morgan Rd., Roselawn, Seabury Dr., Wall St., Woodlawn Ave., Cleveland Rd., Dawley Rd., Red Brush Rd., Lois Rd., Hopkinson Rd., N. Spring St. (N. of 59), SR 59 North side of road and West of Chestnut., Infirmary Rd.

Ward 2: Oct.: 4, 18;Nov.: 1, 15, 29Dec. 13, 28;Jan.: 10, 24

Ravenna City Streets: Commerce Rd., Washington Ave., Summit St., Central Ave., Albert Tsai Blvd., Green Acres Apartments, Chestnut St., Hickory Way, Locust Ln., Prospect St., Plum Way, Highland Ave., Cedar Ave., Poplar Ln., Elm St., Clinton St., Robinson Ave., Leeta Ave., Grove St., Linden St., Maple St., Coe Rd., Portage Terrace Apartments, Woodgate Blvd., Northgar Dr., George H. Nichols Woods Apartments, Heatherwood Apartments, Eastowne Dr., James T Rushin Meadows Apartments, Southgate Dr., Sapp Rd., Midland Cir., Eastland Ave., Bryn Mawr St., Harding Ave., Harding Way, Timberlane Dr., Woodbend Dr., Greenbriar Dr., Woodside Ave., Midland Ave., Sheldon St., Fairview St., Coolman Ave., Walnut St., Pine Way, Chestnut Hl., Freedom St., Lafayette Ave., North Park Dr., Loomis Pkwy., Lover Ln., and State Rt. 14

Ravenna Township Streets: Harding Ave., Peck Rd., Woodview, Lake Rockwell Rd. (E. of 44), McCormick Rd., Cooley Rd., Glenwood Dr., SR 88, SR 14, E. Highland Ave., N. Prospect St.

Ward 3: Oct.: 5, 19;Nov.: 2, 16, 29Dec. 14, 30;Jan.: 11, 25

Ravenna City Streets: Maplewood St., Oakgrove St., Riddle Ave., Madison St., Jefferson St., King St., Grant St., Zeta St., Hommon Rd., Rawson St., George Ct., Romito St., Walton St., McKinley St., Crown Ave., Conant Ct., Overlook Ave., Western St., Diamond St., Hazen Ave., Mill Rd., Emerald Lake Pkwy., Shawolawn Dr., Sunnywood Ln., Westbrook Ct., Northwood Ct., Ellen Ct., Southwood Ct., Midway St., Diamond Cir., Collins Pond Dr., Collins Ct., Page St., Scranton St., Spruce Ave., Maple Ln., Yorkshire Dr., Brittingham Dr., Knightsbridge Dr., Shrewsburry Dr., Susan Rd., Duxberry Dr., Glenrich Cir., Canterbury Way Dr., Parliment Dr., Lake St., Sycamore St., Meridian St., Mulberry Ln., Park Way., Harvest Dr., Lynn Ln., Harris Ave., Hill St., Fox Run., and Cherry Way

Ravenna Township Streets: Ashton Woods, Bayberry Knoll, Creekview Dr., Cross Timber Circle, Edwards Dr., Halwick Dr., Hiddenbrook Dr., Hodgson Dr., Juniper Ct., Lakewood Rd., Longfield Dr., Marian., Menough, Pondview Dr., Rausch, Shawnee Dr., Stonington Dr., Summit Rd., Susan Rd., Timber Run, Westwood., Wolf Run, Patricia Ave., SR 59 (S. Side and West of Chestnut), N. Spring St. (S. of 59), Winding Creek Dr., Fairhill Dr., Hoover Rd., Hommon Rd.

Ward 4: Oct.: 6, 20;Nov.: 3, 17Dec. 1, 15,30;Jan.: 12, 26

Ravenna City Streets: Prospect St., New Milford Rd., Perry Ave., Myrtle St., Pratt St., True Industrial Pkwy., Lake St., Walnut St., Ravenna Ave., Portage St., Ohio Ave., Leasure St., De Wolf St., Bacon Ln., Plum Way, Spruce Ave., Maple Ln., Bennett Ave., Tappan Ave., Crestwood Dr., Stevens St., Van Buren Ave., Riddle Ave., Lynn Ln., Hickory Way, Harris Ave., Oak Manor Dr., Murray Ave., Freedom St., Sanford St., Liberty St., Lawrence St., Murray Ct., Rosedale St., and Woodland St.

Ravenna Township Streets: S. Prospect St., Hayes Rd., New Milford Rd.